Overall experience

‘It was an amazing experience (very educational as well)’ – Delegate

‘It was exciting to be a part of a real-life simulation of Arctic politics’ – Delegate

‘I learnt lots about the Arctic and especially its indigenous peoples. I have become more aware of issues in the Arctic and how they are dealt with’ – Delegate

‘It was very fun and interesting! I learnt so much about the Arctic and the states governing it, and how much of an impact they have on the lives of its permanent residents’ – Delegate

‘Excellent—beautifully hosted and extremely beneficial for the development of confidence in students’ – Teacher

‘Really superb—thank you.  All three first-time delegates had a brilliant time’ – Teacher

conference materials

‘Research briefs and example resolution were very helpful. Wide range of topics, lots of scope for research’ – Delegate

‘They helped us a lot with our research, and were very well organised’ – Delegate

‘Really loved everything—had lots of detail and easy to follow’ – Delegate

‘Interesting, informative and addictive!!’ – Delegate

‘Excellent, full and informative. A step above the norm’ – Teacher

‘Appropriate, relevant, informative and suitably challenging’ – Teacher


‘Very well organised’ – Delegate

‘Well run, and the organisation of the event was superb’ – Delegate

‘Chairs were top notch’ – Delegate

‘Brilliant! The Secretariat could not have been more welcoming, helpful and encouraging’ – Teacher

‘Really well organised and managed.  Exceptional leadership and staffing, especially teaching from the Director as the conference was in progress’ – Teacher

‘I was mesmerised by the Director’s ability to clearly explain all relevant rules and chair the conference’ – Teacher


‘We will certainly do this again’ – Teacher