Overall experience

‘It was exciting to be a part of a real-life simulation of Arctic politics.’ – Delegate

‘I learnt lots about the Arctic and especially its indigenous peoples. I have become more aware of issues in the Arctic and how they are dealt with.’ – Delegate

‘It was very fun and interesting! I learnt so much about the Arctic and the states governing it, and how much of an impact they have on the lives of its permanent residents.’ – Delegate

‘Very useful to practise public speaking, and to develop skills used negotiating resolutions’ – Delegate

conference materials

‘Research briefs and example resolution were very helpful. Wide range of topics, lots of scope for research.’ – Delegate

‘Really loved everything—had lots of detail and easy to follow.’ – Delegate

‘Well designed—lots of information.’ – Delegate


‘This event was a great success. Though it was the first NORMAC conference, from an organisational point of view, the whole thing ran almost as though it had been going for years.’ – Mr Matthew Willis, Global Affairs Canada

‘Very well organised considering it was the first one.’ – Delegate


‘Add another day ‘ – Delegate